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Enjoy small-town living in the heart of northeastern North Carolina.


Chamber of Commerce

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301 W Main St

Conway, NC 27820

Town of Conway

Government / Town Council

In the state of North Carolina, there are two forms of municipal government: Mayor/Council and Manager/Council. The Town of Conway functions as a Mayor/Council government which means the elected Council is solely accountable for the direct administration as well as oversight of municipal functions. The Town of Conway municipal government consists of one mayor and five council members or commissioners, all of which are elected on an at-large and non-partisan basis for a period of two years.

Lee Duke









Gail Wade

Mayor Pro-Tem

Police Commissioner

Willie Simmons

Water and Sewer Commissioner

Lokie Majette

Streets Commissioner

Steward Woodard

Cemetery Commissioner

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The Town of Conway is located in Northampton County, located in the heart of beautiful northeastern North Carolina. For more information about Northampton County, visit

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301 W Main St

Conway, NC 27820


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